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This book is about a girl called Nora, in her mid thirties who is trying to find her passion in life in a place called the midnight library. Nora is a woman full of regrets and missed opportunities. I loved this book. This book showes you should be grateful of your life, wherever you may live, whatever you may live, or whoever you may live for. 

Arsene Lupin 3.0.jpeg

This one book of a series written by Maurice LeBlanc and that inspired the Netflix series Lupin, is a book about a thief, a spectacular thief, that almost never gets caught. But if he ever does, he always finds a way out. A fun book I love.

snow child yay.jpg

The Snow Child is a wonderful book about a couple (Mabel and Jack) who live in Alaska. Their dream is to have a child but they can't have one sadly. Instead they make friends with their neighbors, Esther and George. Mabel and Esther become very good friends and they start to forget about not being able to have a child. Then Mabel spots a child dashing through the woods and they suddenly have a child. It is about their growing relationship with the child and I would recommend it to everyone.

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