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This is a review page. when you send us a message on ask for advice you can write a review about books you read and we will put them on here.

Georgia 9 years old

shadow is by Michael Morpurgo and it's about a dog going to live in a cave with a boy and it is a very touching story. I also read David Walliams that is very funny.

Sydney 7 years old

I am quite a slow reader and that is why I poked my head around the 5- 6 section. I Loved the princess in black it is always fun and stressful for the princess because she can miss some important events while being the princess in black! Thank you Alice and Izzy for helping me read!

Ben 9 years old

George's treasure hunt by Lucy and Stehen Hawkins is a non-fiction yet fiction story about a boy who has a next-door neighbor that has a supercomputer called cosmos which teleports you to a differnet planet. Also it has facts from scientists.

Arthur 11 years old 

i read Alex Rider and I loved the characters

and this was one of the first books where I could picture the story in my head.

Mary 10 years old

I just saw the 10-13 section and I am starting the boy at the back of the class and I love it so much!

Milo 9 years old

Orphans of the Tide is a great book followed by the sequel: Orphans of the Tide, Shipwreck Island

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