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Alice M.

Hello, my name is Alice and I read books and put them on the site followed by a review. I love reading and English and I want to spread the joy of reading anywhere I can. I you do not know what to read, you are stuck, write us a message in the 'Ask For Advice'telling us your age and your interests and we'll put a book you may like in 'Advice Blog'. Thanks for everyone's support, have fun exploring! 

Isabelle Z.

My name is Isabelle and I love novels. I hope that this website really lifts peoples thoughts about reading books. Like most people I quite like reading sequels because it makes the book bigger and sometimes I feel like I want to read more when it is the end of the book.

How It Works

On Book Advisor we have put in lots of books and have written a description about them. In the Ask our Advice section you tell us your interests and books you like and we will respond in our Advice Blog to give you some recommendations. Book Advisor is free for everyone and there is no registration. All we do is try to find the best book fit for you. We help children up to the age of 18 as we have now added a teenage section. 

Helpful, creative, passionate 

How it Works
Smiling Girl with Book

Great Authors

I love Lara Williamson for her books  "The Boy Called Hope" and "The Girl with Space in her heart". Both are nice and emotional stories. 

Alice M.

Read Books

Use your imagination

Have fun!

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